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Place Léopold 15

Joseph Spanoghe

Dendermonde 1823 - Mons 1904
colonial commodities merchant in Mons, who had built the houses on this part of the Place Léopold.
Juliaan Dillens

Mons /  Joseph Spanoghe   Mons /  Joseph Spanoghe


Stone bust on a console on the corner of the building. The bust is flanked by two figures, a female with a cornucopia and a male figure with a shield with the text arbeid adelt. Above the bust are two coats of arms, one of Mons (with mons) and one of Dendermonde with the French name of that town, termonde, below the winged of Mercurius hat with a ribbon and the date anno 1885. Below the bust is a small shield with the text spanoghe 1885.

Mons - Joseph Spanoghe Mons - Joseph Spanoghe


spanoghe 1885


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Location (N 50°27'10" - E 3°56'35")

Item Code: beha025; Photograph: 14 October 2017
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