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Arthur Vanderpoortenlaan 35
(Koninklijk Atheneum A. Vanderpoorten)

Arthur Vanderpoorten

Puurs 1884 - Bergen-Belsen 1945
Belgian statesman, minister of public work and reduction of unemployment (1939) and of internal affairs (1940)
René Boschmans

Lier /  Arthur Vanderpoorten   Lier /  Arthur Vanderpoorten


Statue of Arthur Vanderpoorten, with inscription "A. VANDERPOORTEN, 1884-1945" in the central part of the monument, with on the left playing and music making children, feeling good because they can spend their school time in beautiful buildings. On the right are three adults, representing the different social classes in society, the workers, the capitalists and the landowners.

Lier - Arthur Vanderpoorten Lier - Arthur Vanderpoorten Lier - Arthur Vanderpoorten
Lier - Arthur Vanderpoorten

The sculpture group was placed in the front garden of the Royal Athenaeum following the "Vanderpoorten Act" which became the basis for the fund for the construction of state schools (law of 17 July 1937).


r. boschmans 1959


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  • Boschmans, René
  • Businessman
  • Children (playing)
  • Landowner
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Statue
  • Vanderpoorten, Arthur
  • Worker
  • Location (N 51°7'39" - E 4°34'23")

    Item Code: bean108; Photograph: 5 May 2018
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