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(O.L. Vrouwe Kathedraal)

Quinten Matsijs

Leuven c. 1466 - Antwerpen 1530
Flemish blacksmith and painter


Antwerpen /  Quinten Matsijs   Antwerpen /  Quinten Matsijs


Relief portrait, with below painter's and smith's tools.


Quintino Metsiis
admiratrix grataq.
anno post obitvm
m dc xxix posvit
Connvbialis amor
de Mvlcibre
fecit Apellem


Quinten Matsijs made the iron well in front of the cathedral.

From Edward Van Even, Quentin Metsys, In: The Scottish Review, vol. 36 (July-Oct. 1900), p. 248 (transl. from Biographie Nationale)

Some time after a slab of blue-stone, having in relief the arms of the Guild of St. Luke and surmounted by a death's head, was placed over the tomb. It bears the following inscription : —
Sepulture Van Mr. Qvinten Matsys in Synen Tyt Grofsmidt en Daer Naer Famevs Schilder Werd Sterf Anno 1529 — which means ' The grave of Master Quentin Matsys, who was first a blacksmith and then a famous painter, died in the year 1529.'
The style of the stone, as well as the false date, prove clearly that it was erected long after the death of the painter. In 1625, when the gravestones of the little cemetery of Notre Dame were being removed, the stone, which was already much worn, was re-cut by the great art lover, Cornelius Vander Gheest, a friend of Rubens and who, as was said before, had several of Quentin Metsys' pictures. In 1629, the municipal authorities allowed this citizen to fix the stone on the tower of Notre Dame. It was not removed from there until 1818, when it was placed in the Museum of Art under the triptych of the painter. An exact reproduction takes its place on the original site.

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