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Madonna met Kind

House Madonna

The mother of Jesus Christ


Antwerpen /  Madonna met Kind   Antwerpen /  Madonna met Kind


Mary with crown and sceptre (hold by an angel) with the crowned Infant Jesus with an orb. Under Mary's feet a sphere with the serpent with apple in his mouth.

Depictions of Saint Mary

Saint Mary, as the mother of Jesus Christ, has a central role in the life of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic veneration of her as the Blessed Virgin Mary has grown over time both in importance and manifestation, not only in prayer but in art, poetry and music. She is usually depicted as a beautiful young woman, with a (blue) mantle. In the majority of the depictions she is having the Infant Jesus in her arms or on her lap.
Attributes of Saint Mary: The Infant Jesus sometimes has some attributes too:

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Location (N 51°13'18" - E 4°24'21")

Item Code: bean018; Photograph: 25 March 2011
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