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Wien (Land)

Maria-Theresien-Platz 1 (1.)


Maria Theresia Monument

Maria Theresia von Österreich
Wien 1717 - Wien 1780
Consort of Holy Roman Emperor Francis I, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary and Croatia, etc.
Caspar von Zumbusch & Anton Břenek

Wien /  Maria-Theresien-Denkmal   Wien /  Maria-Theresien-Denkmal


Bronze statue of Maria Theresia sitting enthroned, high and mighty above her advisors and generals; her left hand with the scepter rests on the pragmatic sanction, her right hand is raised to greet her people; on her head she wears a large diadem instead of one of the conceivable crowns.

Directly underneath the statue are on the corners four allegorical figures of the cardinal virtues (strength, wisdom, justice, mildness). On the wings of the substructure are four equestrian statues of her generals, from right front clockwise Loudon, Daun, Khevenhüller, and Abensberg-Traun. Between these equestrian statues, in front of the faces of the substructure are four free-standing statues of her advisors (Kaunitz, Haugwitz, Liechtenstein, and Van Swieten). In the arches of the substructure are sixteen reliefs developing to free standing statues of deserved personalities.

Cardinal virtues

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Weisheit / Wisdom

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Gerechtigkeit / Justice

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Milde / Mildness

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Stärke / Strength


Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Gideon Ernst Freiherr von Laudon (Laudohn [Ļaudona, Latvia] 1717 - Neutitschein [Nový Jičín] 1790), Austrian generalisimo (Wikipedia).

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Otto Ferdinand Graf von Abensperg und Traun (Ödenburg 1677 - Hermannstadt [Sibiu] 1748), Austrian field marshall (Wikipedia).

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Ludwig Andreas von Khevenhüller, Graf von Aichelberg-Frankenburg (Linz 1683 - Wien 1744), Austrian field-marshal (Wikipedia).

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Leopold Joseph Graf von Daun (Wien 1705 - Wien 1766), Austrian field marshal of the Imperial Army in the War of the Austrian Succession and Seven Years' War (Wikipedia).

Advisors and Deserved Personalities

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Theme: Councillors
Wenzel Anton Graf von Kaunitz-Rietberg (Wien 1711 - Mariahilf 1794), Austrian diplomat and statesman (Wikipedia).


  • Johann Christoph Freiherr von Bartenstein (Strasbourg 1689 - Wien 1767), Austrian diplomat and statesman (Wikipedia).
  • Gundaker Thomas Graf Starhemberg (Wien 1663 - Praha 1745), Austrian economist and politician (Wikipedia).
  • Florimond Claude, Graf von Mercy-Argenteau (Liège 1727 - London 1794), Austrian diplomat (Wikipedia).
In the background the gloriette of Schönbrunn castle.

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Theme: Arts and Science
van swieten
Gerard van Swieten (Leiden 1700 - Schönbrunn 1772), Dutch-Austrian physician (Wikipedia).


  • Joseph Hilarius von Eckhel (Enzesfeld 1737 - Wien 1798), Austrian Jesuit priest and numismatist (Wikipedia).
  • György Pray (Neuhäsel 1723 - Pest 1801), Hungarian Jesuit Abbot, canon, librarian of the University library of Buda and important historian (Wikipedia).
  • Christoph Willibald Ritter von Gluck (Erasbach bei Berching 1714 - Wien 1787), Austrian composer of Italian and French opera (Wikipedia).
  • Josef Haydn (Rohrau 1732 - Wien 1809), Austrian composer (Wikipedia).
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (as a boy) (Salzburg 1756-Wien 1791), prolific and influential composer of the Classical era (Wikipedia)..
In the background the old university.

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Theme: War
Josef Wenzel Lorenz 4. Fürst von Liechtenstein (Praha 1696 - Wien 1772), Austrian general (Wikipedia).


  • Franz Moritz Graf von Lacy (St. Petersburg 1725 - Wien 1801), Austrian field marshall (Wikipedia).
  • Andreas Graf Hadik von Futak (Güns [Kőszeg] 1711 - Wien 1790), Austrian field marshall (Wikipedia).
  • Franz Leopold Graf Nádasdy von Nádasd und Fogarasföld (Radkersburg 1708 - Karlstadt [Karlovac] 1783), Austrian field marshall and ban of Croatia (Wikipedia).
In the background the Burg (Military Academy) of Wiener Neustadt.

Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal
Theme: Administration
Friedrich Wilhelm Graf von Haugwitz (Saxony 1702 - Knönitz 1765), Bohemian-Austrian politician (Wikipedia).


  • Anton Graf Grassalkowich (Ürmény 1694 - Gödöllő 1771), Imperial-royal real secretary, royal Hungarian court chamber president, chief engineer of Eisenburg county and important lawyer (Wikipedia).
  • Samuel Freiherr von Brukenthal (Leschkirch [Nocrich] 1721 - Hermannstadt [Sibiu] 1803), personal advisor of Empress Maria Theresa, governor of Transylvania (Wikipedia).
  • Paul Joseph von Riegger (Freiburg im Breisgau 1705 - Wien 1775), Austrian lawyer and state church law teacher (Wikipedia).
  • Joseph Freiherr von Sonnenfels (Nikolsburg [Mikulov] 1732/33 - Wien 1817), Austrian and German jurist and novelist (Wikipedia).
  • Karl Anton von Martini, Freiherr zu Wasserberg (Revò 1726 - Wien 1800), Austrian lawyer and legal philosopher (Wikipedia).
In the background the Beratungszimmer Hofburg


der kaiserin-königin

errichtet von

Wien - Wien - Maria-Theresien-Denkmal


Sources & Information


  • General
  • Gluck, Christoph Willibald von
  • Grassalkowich, Anton
  • Hadik von Futak, Andreas
  • Haugwitz, Friedrich Wilhelm von
  • Haydn, Josef
  • Justice (Justitia)
  • Kaunitz, Wenzel Anton von
  • Khevenhüller, Ludwig Andreas von
  • Lacy, Franz Moritz von
  • Laudon, Gideon Ernst von
  • Lawyer
  • Librarian
  • Liechtenstein, Josef Wenzel 4. Fürst von
  • Maria Theresa of Austria
  • Martini, Karl Anton von
  • Mercy-Argenteau, Florimond Claude von
  • Mildness
  • Monarch
  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus
  • Nádasdy von Nádasd, Franz Leopold
  • Numismatist
  • Physician
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Pray, György
  • Riegger, Paul Joseph von
  • Sonnenfels, Joseph von
  • Starhemberg, Gundaker Thomas
  • Statue (woman sitting)
  • Strength (Fortitudo)
  • Swieten, Gerard van
  • Traun, Otto Ferdinand von Abensperg und
  • Wisdom
  • Zumbusch, Caspar von
  • Location (N 48°12'16" - E 16°21'38")

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