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Wien (Land)

Rathauspark (1.)

Statuen von der ehem. Elisabethbrücke

Statues from the former Elisabeth Bridge

Various sculptors

Wien /  Statuen von der ehem. Elisabethbrücke


Eight marble statues of personalities of Austrian history are lined on both sides of the part of the Town Hall square, leading from the ring road to the town hall, dividing the adjacent park into two halves. These statues were originally located on the Elizabeth Bridge over the river Wien, where they were unveiled 19 November 1867. When the bridge was demolished in the course of river regulation in 1897, the statues moved temporarily to the nearby light rail station Karlsplatz. Then a place in the courtyard of the town hall was planned but eventually in 1902 was decided for the present location. The statues represent the following personalities:

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Leopold der Glorreiche

Leopold VI. der Glorreiche / Leopold VI the Glorious
(1176 - San Germano 1230)
Duke of Austria, 1198-1230 and of Styria, 1194-1230

Sculpted by Johann Preleuthner
Signed: ioh. preleuthner / .... 18..

Heinrich II. Jasomirgott / Henry II, Duke of Austria
(1107 - 1177),
Count Palatine of the Rhine, 1140-41, Margrave of Austria, 1141-56 and, as Henry XI, also Duke of Bavaria, 1141-56, Duke of Austria, 1156-77

Sculpted by Franz Melnitzky
Signed: ... nitzky ...

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Heinrich Jasomirgott

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Graf Salm

Niklas Graf Salm der Ältere / Nicholas, Count of Salm
(Niedersalm, Vielsalm 1459 - Salmhof, Marchegg 1530)
Imperial senior military commander; defender of Vienna during the first siege by the Turks in 1529

Sculpted by Mathias Purkarthofer
Signed: m. purkarthofer / fecit 1867.

Rudolf IV. der Stifter / Rudolf IV the Founder
(Wien 1339 - Milano 1365)
scion of the House of Habsburg and Duke (self-proclaimed Archduke) of Austria and Duke of Styria and Carinthia from 1358

Sculpted by Josef Gasser
Signed: josef gassner / inv. fec. 1867

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Rudolf der Stifter

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Graf Kollonits

Leopold Karl von Kollonitsch
(Komárno 1631 - Wien 1707)
Cardinal, Archbishop of Esztergom

Sculpted by Vinzenz Pilz
Signed: v: pilz sc. / 1867

Graf Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg
(Graz 1638 - Vösendorf bei Wien 1701)
army commander of Vienna during the second siege of Vienna in 1683, imperial general during the Great Turkish War

Sculpted by Johann Baptist Feßler
Signed: joh: fessler fecit / 1867

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Graf Starhemberg

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz


Joseph von Sonnenfels
(Nikolsburg [Mikulov] 1732/33 - Wien 1817)
Austrian and German jurist and novelist

Sculpted by Hanns Gasser
Signed: hans gasser inv. / fecit 1867

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach
Graz 1656 - Wien 1723
Austrian architect

Sculpted by Josef Cesar

Wien - Marble Statues on the Rathausplatz

Johann Bernhard
Fischer v. Erlach



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  • Writer / poet
  • Location (N 48°12'38" - E 16°21'34")

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