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Sankt Pölten

Kremser Gasse 15

Sankt Urbanus

Saint Urban

Bishop of Rome (pope Urban I) from 222-230. Often depicted with a bunch of grapes
artist unknown
before 2004

Sankt Pölten /  Sankt Urbanus   Sankt Pölten /  Sankt Urbanus


Stone statue of St. Urbanus on a corner console. A sign on the house reads: "Tellerhaus Hl. Urbanus 168 Teller, Umgestaltet von Richard Dürauer." (plate house St. Urbanus, 168 plates, redesigned by Richard Dürauer - On the façade are mane white-blue plates mounted).
The oldest photos we found of the Tellerhaus on the web date from October 2004.



Location (N 48°12'18" - E 15°37'28")

Item Code: atno031; Photograph: 18 September 2016
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