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Sankt Pölten


Berglöwe aus Pennsylvania

Mountain Lion from Pennsylvania

Cahit Koççoban & Heinz Warneke

Sankt Pölten /  Berglöwe aus Pennsylvania   Sankt Pölten /  Berglöwe aus Pennsylvania


Artifical stone (?) sculpture of a puma, copied after the Nittany Lion Shrine, sculpted in 1942 by Heinz Warneke, at the main campus of the Pennsylvania State University.

Information Sign

Berglöwe aus Pennsylvania (USA)
nachgeformt einer Skulptur in der
Pennsylvania State University in
St. Pöltens Partnerstadt Altoona von
Cahit Koccoban im Auftrag
der Stadt St. Pölten 2003

Puma from Pennsylvania (USA)
imitated after a sculpture in the
Pennsylvania State University
in St. Pölten's partner town of Altoona
by Cahit Koccoban on behalf of
the city of St. Pölten 2003


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Location (N 48°12'5" - E 15°37'41")

Item Code: atno024; Photograph: 18 September 2016
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