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Jüngling vom Magdalensberg

Youth of Magdalensberg

Antique Roman or Greek sculptor
1st century BC (copy)

Klagenfurt /  Jüngling vom Magdalensberg   Klagenfurt /  Jüngling vom Magdalensberg


Bronze statue of a naked youth standing still, of about life size (1.85 metres high, 6'1"). The right leg is load-bearing, while the left is free, barely touching the ground with its toes. The left arm hangs free, the right hand is held out at shoulder height. The head is turned slightly to the right, following the gesture of the right hand.

An inscription is incised on the right thigh:

A[ulus] Poblicius D[ecimi] l[ibertus] Antio[cus]
Ti[berius] Barbius Q[uinti] P[ublii] l[ibertus] Tiber[inus or -ianus]
A[ulus] Poblicus Antio[chus], fr[eedman] of D[ecimus]; Ti[berius] Barbius Tiber[inus or ianus], fr[eedman] of Q[uintus] P[ublius]

This is the dedication of two freedmen, who were probably active in the City on the Magdalensberg as merchants.

The Roman bronze statue, dating to the first century B.C., was discovered in 1502 at the Carinthian mountain Magdalensberg. The original is missing since approximately 1810 and now presumed lost. It is known today primarily from a sixteenth-century cast now held at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna (Inventory # VI 1), which until 1986 was mistakenly regarded as the original.


kopie nach dem
renaissancezeitlichen abguss
(16. jahrhundert) der im jahre 1502
auf dem magdalensberg
gefunden antike bronzestatue
originalabguss im kunsthistorischen museum,

Copy after the
Renaissance cast
(16th century) of the antique
bronze statue found in 1502
on the Magdalensberg
Original cast in the Art History Museum,


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Location (N 46°37'25" - E 14°18'15")

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Item Code: atka016; Photograph: 12 September 2016
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