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Guantanamo Bay Naval Station
Military Base

Columbus' landing memorial


Guantanamo Bay Naval Station /  Columbus' landing memorial


Cairn of pebblestone with a metal text plaque and three identical plaques with ships.


30 APRIL 1494
christopher columbus landed here at
fisherman's point on this second voyage.
he and his spanish adventurers were
looking for gold. not finding likely
prospects, they left the next day.
columbus named the bay "puerto grande".


Christopher Columbus entered Guantanamo Bay on his second voyage and spent the night of 30 April 1494. According to Washington Irving, Columbus landed at what is now Fisherman's Point. He and his Spanish adventurers were looking for gold, and not finding likely prospects, they left the next day. Columbus named the bay Puerto Grande.

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Location (N 19°55'11" - W 75°9'43")

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