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Rhode Island

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Christopher Columbus

artist unknown

Newport /  Christopher Columbus


Bronze statue of Columbus wearing the costume of his time and has long hair. He holds a globe in his right hand and the end of an anchor in his left hand.


christopher columbus
discoverer of america
october 12 1492
erected by the
italian colony of newport
rhode island
october 12 1953


When I saw this statue of Columbus in Newport, R.I., in the Summer of 1998, the idea for the Columbus Monuments Website was born. I was so surprised to see a Columbus statue in Rhode Island, that I took a photo. Later on the same trip I photographed another one in Boston. Then the idea rested for two years, until I found in Spain several tributaties to Columbus.
In October 2001 I visited Newport again and took a new photo with a better camera.


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Location (N 41°29'1" - W 71°18'29")

Item Code: usri03; Added: 1 January 1999  / Photograph: 21 October 2001

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