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Larry Holmes Drive & Church Street
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Christopher Columbus

Giuseppe Donato

Easton /  Christopher Columbus   Easton /  Christopher Columbus


2.7 m tall bronze statue on a 10-foot granite pedestal. On the sides of this pedestal is a relief of a rising sun with respectively the dates VIII.III. MCDXCII [3 August 1492], the date of Columbus' departure from Palos, and X.XII MCDXCII [12 October 1492].
On all sides the foot shows an egg-shaped figure, the meaning is unclear to me.


Front of the pedestal:
christopher columbus

the citizens
easton and vicinity
oct xii mdcxxx

On the back side of the pedestal a plaque commemorating the re-dedication of 1992:
this monument is re-dedicated to
christopher columbus
"a man of faith, hope and vision"
to mark the 500
th anniversary of columbus'
discovery of america 1492-1992

It stands as a tribute to Columbus and to all the Italian immigrants who
contributed toward this monument during the 1920s. Also to all immigrants
from all nations and their descendants that call the City of Easton and the
Easton Area their home.
Re-dedicated by the
City of Easton, Pennsylvania
and by the
Easton Northampton County Columbus
Organization, Inc.
The restoration of this monument was sponsored by the above organization in
cooperation with the City of Easton and a Pennsyvania State Senate grant
obtained by State Senator Jeanette Reibman.
Easton Finishing Works
Restoration Contractor, Diane Reynolds, Prop.
Columbus Day - October 12, 1992.
On the side of the pedestal, the monument is signed:
19 © 30


The imposing sculpture of Christopher Columbus in Easton means a lot to many of the area's Italian-Americans. Their forefathers erected the statue in December 1930, honoring the Italian navigator and explorer once credited with discovering the New World in 1492. Each year for almost 70 years, the proud, majestic-looking, bronze figure is rededicated around Columbus Day, Oct. 12, to honor Columbus by those faithful to the tradition.


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Location (N 40°41'31" - W 75°12'18")

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