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Christopher Columbus

Antonio Venditti

Chester /  Christopher Columbus


A statue of Christopher Columbus kneeling. He is dressed in fifteenth century clothing including a hat, a cloak, boots, a belt, and a pendant at his neck. A flag on a pole is at his proper right and he holds an orb in his proper left hand. His proper right knee is bent and placed on the ground and his proper left knee is bent and placed in front with his foot resting on the ground. There are two bronze plaques on the marble base. One of the plaques depicts a relief of Columbus' three sailing ships, the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria on the surface of the ocean waves. A sun with rays is located in the proper left corner.


Memorial to
Christopher Columbus
The Great Navigator
whose first act upon landing in
the New World on Oct. 12, 1492
was to give thanks to God for safe
deliverance. Presented to the City of Chester in the year
of Our Lord 1955 by the Italian
-American Association and the citizens
of Chester and vicinity

Signed: Prof. Antonio Venditti - Napoli, Italy


Rededication ceremony at the 40th anniversary. co-sponsored by October XII Lodge No. 486 of Order Sons of Italy in America (the original donor) and the Christopher Columbus Philatelic Society on Sunday, October 1, 1995.

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