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New York
New York

8th Avenue
(59th Street-Columbus Circle)

Hello Columbus!

NYC Artists & Public School Students

New York /  Hello Columbus!   New York /  Hello Columbus!


Located in the the block long passageway underneath 8th Ave to the south fare control area at West 58th Street and 8th Avenue. Hello Columbus, installed in 1992, commemorates the 500th anniversary of Columbus' voyage to the New World. The 74 3' x 3' aluminum panels were created by various artists and students from all grade levels. Many contain a politically correct bemirching of Columbus.

a sad native

Columbus looking evil

The beginning of modernity symbolized by Columbus crushing the runned-over natives (signed: Noah Baen)


From Wikipedia:

This station formerly had a 1992 artwork called Hello Columbus, made by various New York City artists and public school students.


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Location (N 40°46'0" - W 73°58'52")

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