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New York
New York

Columbus Park, Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn

Columbus Statue in Brooklyn

Emma Stebbins

New York /  Columbus Statue in Brooklyn   New York /  Columbus Statue in Brooklyn


Marble life-size of Columbus as a sailor with a mantle thrown over the shoulder and with his hand upon a ship's tiller.




The sculpture was a gift to the city in 1892, paid for by public subscription. The funds were collected in 1892, but the sculpture was not installed until two years later. It is a copy of a work located in Madrid. The base was designed by Aymar Embury II in l934

Stands in front of Supreme Court building.
Alex Borgono wrote that the promotor was John La Corte, founder of the Italian Historical Society of America and that is was unveiled in 1991 by Ed Koch, mayor of New York. Probably this concerns the Columbus Park, in which the statue is located.


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Location (N 40°41'38" - W 73°59'23")

Item Code: usny33; Photograph: 18 October 2001

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