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New York
New York

D'Auria-Murphy Triange, Bronx

Columbus Bust in Bronx

Attilio Piccirilli

New York /  Columbus Bust in Bronx   New York /  Columbus Bust in Bronx


Marble bust on granite pedestal.


On the pedestal:
OCTOBER 12 1492


The statue is in the D'Auria-Murphy Triangle. The information sign of the City of New York Parks & Recreation says:
"The park's centerpiece is a statue of Christopher Columbus that was moved here in 1992 from P.S. 45 on Bathgate Avenue and Lorillard Place. It is the work of Attilia Piccirilli (1866-1945) whose world-renowned studios on 142nd Street and Willis Avenue produced the Maine Monument at Columbus Circle, completed in 1925, and the statue of Abraham Lincoln in the Lincoln Memorial. In addition to the statue, the park contains a gazebo, benches, lawns, and a variety of small trees."


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Location (N 40°51'11" - W 73°53'21")

Item Code: usny32; Photograph: 19 October 2001

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