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Christopher Columbus



High-relief full-length portrait of Columbus. He wears a short tunic and coat. He holds a sword in his right hand. He holds a standard in his left hand. Beside his right leg is a ship's mooring and rope. The stone relief sculpture stands on a two step stone base.



the citizens of lodi, n.j.
have caused this statue to be erected
as a monument of affection and gratitude
to christopher columbus who by his daring exploits,
opened the doors of the new world
to all freedom-loving people.
dedicated on the 12th day of october
in the year of our lord 1965.
frank belli, mayor
sponsored by the united service clubs
stephen loiacono, gen. chairman
lodi unico chapter lodi lions club
lodi kiwanis club lodi moose lodge
lodi rotary club lodi chamber of commerce
st. michael's council k. of c. st. joseph's society


SIRIS has the address McKinley Avenue 37.

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