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Bust of Christopher Columbus



On March 23rd, [1999] the Montville, NJ Chapter had its regular monthly meeting at the Columbian Inn in Montville. After the meeting, the members adjourned and proceeded to the Montville Municipal Building entrance area where they couldn't help but notice a large bust of Columbus, on a tall pedestal with a time capsule! "Donated by the Montville UNICO Chapter" was inscribed on the pedestal.
The Proclamation read: Montville Township UNICO Week, March 22 - 27, 1999
Whereas, Montville Township UNICO was founded in 1989 and is celebrating its 10th Anniversary; and
Whereas, Montville Township UNICO is the largest Italian American Service Organization in the United States; and
Whereas, Montville Township UNICO and its current 93 members are to be commended for their numerous Community Service Projects, some of which include:
Donation of Christopher Columbus Statue to Montville Township


Locatie (N 40°53'47" - W 74°21'54") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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