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Columbus Monument

Christopher Columbus
(prob. Cogoleto, Republic of Genua, c. 1451 - Valladolid 1506)
Italian explorer, who in Spanish service completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of America (see Background Information)


Passaic /  Columbus Monument   Passaic /  Columbus Monument


The monument shows a modern map of the Americas in a circle. Erected by the Passaic-Clifton Chapter of Unico.


with vision
and persistence
navigated man-
kind toward a
new world.
the result and measure of that
discovery are the opportunities
and benefits offered to all of us.

dedicated to
columbus for
his discovery of
the new world
on october 12, 1492

erected by the passaic chapter of unico national - october, 1992


Locatie (N 40°50'55" - W 74°8'6") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: usnj14; Photograph: 8 October 2000

© Website and photos: René & Peter van der Krogt

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