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West Foster Avenue 9400  
(Chicago O'Hare Office Buildings)

Christopher Columbus

Statue (no longer existing?)

Virgil Rainer


Bronze statue of Columbus standing upright, accompanied by a figure of an Indian crouching on his knees. The figure of Columbus places his right hand on the head of the Indian.


An entry from earlychicago.com:

"Columbus with Indian - 1924 concrete sculpture at 9400 W. Foster Avenue, on the northwest corner of River Road in Schiller Park; in elegant garb Christopher Columbus bends to acknowledge a supplicant Indian. No text was inscribed. The Indian's submissive posture offended minority sentiments, and the sculpture has disappeared in recent years. Sculptor: Virgil Rainer."


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Location (N 41°58'23" - W 87°51'48")

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