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District of Columbia

3rd & F Sts., NW
(Holy Rosary Church)

Christopher Columbus at Holy Rosary Church

Carlo Nicoli

Washington /  Christopher Columbus at Holy Rosary Church   Washington /  Christopher Columbus at Holy Rosary Church


Statue on pedestal. Columbus holds a globe in his left hand and a cross in his right hand while standing next to a dock. On the sides of the pedestal there are bustes in niches of James Cardinal Gibbons, Reverend Nicholas DeCarlo, and Venerable John B. Scalabrini.


Metal tablet on the front side of the pedestal:
This monument, erected on the
occasion of the 1992 Quincentennial
Jubilee, celebrating the discovery of
America, pays tribute to Cristoforo
Colombo and his seafaring companions.
Their bold voyage led to a historic
encounter between the European world
and the Americas. A turning point in
Western Civilization, this event paved
the way for the spreading of the
Gospel and the establishment of a
society anchored on the principles of
Christian love and holiness.

A small tablet below this has the inscription:

The Lido Civic Club of Washington, D.C.

On the foot of the statue: CARLO NICOLI.


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Location (N 38°53'50" - W 77°0'53")

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