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Shima (Mie pref.) - 志摩市 (三重県)

(Parque España-Spain Village - パルケ・エスパーニャ)

Copy of Barcelona's Columbus Monument


Rafael Atché

Shima (Mie pref.) - 志摩市 (三重県) /  Copy of Barcelona's Columbus Monument   Shima (Mie pref.) - 志摩市 (三重県) /  Copy of Barcelona's Columbus Monument


Copy of the statue in Barcelona.


The Babelfish translation is:
"The open space of the port of Barcelona peace" and the Madrid "colon open space" as beginning, Columbus American route discovery (1492) the monument which praises stands in the Spanish every place. As for Barcelona, Columbus after the returning home, is the area where it visits in order to report the result to the ??? queen from first navigation. Commemorating that, the case of the international exhibition 1888, you could build the monument of height 60 meter and the Columbus image of 6 meters on that. The Columbus image of ??? produced this in reference. (Kubota)
(Kubota is a company building tractors, see their website)


Shima Spanish Village is an integrated resort facility constructed by Kintetsu group in Isobe-machi, Mie Prefecture. It opened in April 1994 and includes the theme park Parque España. This theme park consists of several city plazas reproduced in scale and façade (but not in materials) from various Spanish cities, juxtaposed to provide spaces for Japanese tourists to enjoy. Around these plazas are stores and restaurants in which the tourists are expected to spend most of their time and cash. There is also an amusement park, an outdoor stage, a museum of Spanish handicrafts, and a boat ride.


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Location (N 34°21'37" - E 136°50'41")

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