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Busto di Cristoforo Colombo

Bust of Columbus

Antonio Canova

Roma /  Busto di Cristoforo Colombo


In the second decade of the 19th century, in approximately 1813, Canova had obtained from the pope the authorisation to let young artists made commemorative busts for the Pantheon (...) In 1813, two fathers of poetry opened the series, Dante and le Tasse, (...). The series continued with well-read men, other artists and architects, and it finished with four busts carried out between 1817 and 1818: two historians, Tiraboschi and Muratori, and two discoverers, Columbus and Galileo. In 1819 finally, the bust of Orcagna was made. The bust of Columbus, sculpted by Raimondo Trentanove in 1817, forms part of the "immortels". Around 1820 the busts were moved from the Pantheon to the Capitol. The fact that it really concerns Columbus is attested by the name engraved in the pedestal (with an erroneous year of birth: 1442). By certain aspects it seems to be based on the portrait of Sebastiano del Piombo.


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Location (N 41°53'35" - E 12°28'57")

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