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Pontevedra (prov.)

Pedro de Castro Sq

Monolito a la Arribada

Arrival Monolith


Baiona /  Monolito a la Arribada   Baiona /  Monolito a la Arribada


Monolito a la Arribada (Arrival monolith)
Placed at Pedro de Castro Sq., the Monolith (5 m high and 2 m thick) was set up by the Hispanic Culture Institute in 1965 in order to commemorate the arrival of the caravel Pinta. The 20-ton rock was brought from A Groba mountain. Its front side shows a sculpted caravel by Anxo Fernández and a bronze plaque with where a paragraph about this remarkable date can be read.


a la noble villa de bayona
la antigua erizana celtica,
cupo la honra de ser la primera
en anunciar, para asombro del
mundo, el milagro del descubrimiento
de las americas.
aqui arribo - al alborear
marzo y en el año de gracia de 1493.
martin alonso pinzon al mando
de la carabela "la pinta," maltrecha
la nao por los temporales, pero
no los corazones.
en fiel recuerdo de tan alta
fecha el instituto de
cultura hispanica, eleva
este monolito.
laus deo
Bayona 1 de marzo de 1965
To the noble town of Bayona, the old celtic Erizana, fitted honors of being the first in announcing, for astonishment of the world, the miracle of the discovery of the Americas. Here arrived - when dawning March in the year of 1493, grace of Martin Alonso Pinzon to the control of carabela Pinta battered ship by the weathers, but not them hearts. in faithful memory of so high date the Hispanic Culture Institute, elevates this monolith.

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Location (N 42°7'13" - W 8°50'57")

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