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Sevilla (prov.)

Parque de San Jeronimo  

Рождение Нового Человека

The Birth of a New Man

Zurab K. Tsereteli

Sevilla /  Рождение Нового Человека   Sevilla /  Рождение Нового Человека


"The Birth of a New Man" is an enormous egg-shaped structure of 45 m high. The scale of the egg is more-or-less shaped by sails with open crosses in it. Inside the egg is a statue of Christopher Columbus holding a map showing his three ships: the Niña, the Pinta and the Santa Maria on a map on their way to discover the new world.
The monument is the first of an artistic continuation of two. "The Birth of a New Man" depicts the discoverer of America inside an egg. It symbolizes the starting point of Columbus while the second, "The Birth of a New World" in Puerto Rico, will symbolize the seafarer's lifework.


The scale is inscribed with the names of the three ships and the artist's name: Z. Tsereteli 1995.


The egg at a distance  The egg behind a fence

According to a touristic book on Seville this colossal monument was in Alamillo Park (Seville. Lén: Everest, 2000, p. 32). This is an enormous Park on the Isla de La Cartuja, north of the grounds of the 1992 world exposition. When we entered the park at the south side, we saw the egg-structure in a distance. We walked through the park in the direction of the egg, and came after about 3 kms. at the north end of the park, and still the egg was on a distance. What was the case? The monument is not in the Alamillo Park on the island, but on the other side of the river in the small Parque de San Jeronimo. We were lucky, since there is a dam in the river at the north end of Alamillo Park. We were even more lucky, since the monument is in a closed section of the park: only open in the weekend - and we were there on Thursday. A friendly guard saw us at the gate and let us in. He told us that in the weekend the monument is even more spectacular, since then the fountain around it is working, and during the night it is lighted in different colors.

The egg in the park

A small scale replica is in front of the UNESCO building in Paris. See also the Peter the Great statue in Moscow, which according to some was intented as a Columbus statue.


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Locatie (N 37°25'39" - W 5°59'34") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esan047; Photograph: 14 March 2002

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