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Palos de la Frontera
Huelva (prov.)

Convento de Santa María de La Rábida  

Placas en el Convento

Plaques in the Convent


Palos de la Frontera /  Placas en el Convento


The Franciscan Monastery Santa María de la Rábida, where Columbus found hospitality and assitance in 1585, dates from 1412 and was abandoned in 1835. It fell until ruins, but after twenty years its historical importance was recognized. It was declared National Monument in 1856, shortly after the buildings were restored. The IVth Centenary of the discovery of America in 1892 was celebrated in and around the convent, among others by erecting a enormous column (see Monumento a los Descubridores). In 1920 the Franciscan monks returned to the convent. Nowadays there are twelve monks in the convent.
Presently the convent houses a small museum about Columbus and the discovery of America. Except for historical objects, several rooms of the convent are adorned with frescoes.


In the entrance courtyard there are two azulejo plaques:

Muelle de las Carabelas

It is not a real monument, but worthy enough to mention here. Close to the Monastery there are full size replicas of the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Niña. A photo impression:

Pinta, Santa Maria and Niña Santa Maria: Columbus in his cabin Peter on the Santa Maria, the Pinta in the background

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Location (N 37°12'27" - W 6°55'33")

Item Code: esan032; Photograph: 9 March 2002

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