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Palos de la Frontera
Huelva (prov.)

Puerto Historico



Palos de la Frontera /  Travesia-5-Monument


America unida por un mundo mejor. At the top of the cliff, behind the church, you see these three brick structures with their tile tablets, probably symbolizing the three ships of Columbus. In front is a small soccle with an explaining text (Click on the tablets or on the soccle and a large photo with readable text will appear in a new window). The text on the main tablet is surrounded by flags of American countries, and the text is dated 12 October 1992.
Translation of this text:
For a better world
On the arrival of a new millennium for humanity and at five centuries of the first contact with Europe, the American peoples place a call to the world, in this unique and non repeatable time, to renew the agreement to build a more just and better planet, which deserves to be lived in plenitude for all its inhabitants. While men's violence towards their similar prevail, men's violence against nature, men's violence against life itself, our testimony in this brief existence will be a sad remembrance of everything that should have not been. For those who preceded us in the road to life and for those whom we should help to continue in it, humanity should recover the sense of solidarity of life as an essential relation value, its spirituality above imperfection of matter. This is still a pending task It depends on all that in this new era that is starting disappear the evils that still attack men's dignity. America is the hope of a happy world: the believe that life is the supreme value in the universe.
October 12, 1992.

To the left there is a plaque with the names of the crew of the ships and the names of the organizers of Travesí 5. The explaining text is: "Iste texto fué traido desde América por los veleros 'Gandul' y 'El Gallego' barcos integrantes de 'Travesia 5' la 'Ultima Aventura Romántica del Siglo por una América Unida y un Mundo Mejor', organizada por la Fundación Génesis de la República Argentina. Las naves recorrieron desde el Puerto de Buenos Aires más de 10.000 millas marinas en 197 días pasando por Punta del Este, Florianópolis, Angra Dos Reis, Santos, Río de Janeiro, Recife, Pessoa, Fortaleza, Guyana Francesca, Barbados, Martinica, Guadelupe e Islas Azores."
The plaque to the right gives the names of the sponsors of the Travesía 5 project.
The design is from the architects Abal, Ramos y Santurian, and it is realized in the Instituto Nacional Superior de Ceramica, Buenos Aires, Argentine.

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Location (N 37°13'51" - W 6°53'30")

Item Code: esan023; Photograph: 9 March 2002

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