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Swansea - Abertawe (C. & Cty.) (Wales - Great Britain)


Swansea - Abertawe
Swansea - Abertawe (C. & Cty.)
Photo Addres Name Artist Year
Captain Cat Abernethy Quay, Maritime Quarter Captain Cat Robert Thomas 1990
Dylan Thomas Dylan Thomas Square, Maritime Quarter Dylan Thomas John Doubleday 1984
John Henry Vivian Ferrara Square, Maritime Quarter John Henry Vivian John Evan Thomas 1857
Ecliptica Marine Walk, Maritime Quarter Ecliptica Robert Conybear & Uta Molling 1991
The Mermaid Marine Walk, Maritime Quarter The Mermaid Gordon Young 1989
Swansea Jack memorial Mumbles Road, Brynmill Swansea Jack memorial J. Cecil Jones 1938
South African War Memorial - Cofeb rhyfel De Affrica Mumbles Road, Brynmill South African War Memorial - Cofeb rhyfel De Affrica mr. Littlejohn 1904
Henry Evans Charles Memorial Fountain Oystermouth Road / Guildhall Road South, Brynmill Henry Evans Charles Memorial Fountain Ivor J. Thomas & J. Cecil Jones 1907
Baron Spolasco Patagonia Walk, Maritime Quarter Baron Spolasco Jonah Jones & Meic Watts c. 1985/90
William Thomas Victoria Park, Brynmill William Thomas Ivor J. Thomas 1906
Boys' Brigade fountain Victoria Park, Brynmill Boys' Brigade fountain artist unknown & Samuele Roberti 19th century (1987)

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