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North West England (Great Britain)


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Photo Addres Name Artist Year
Heaven & Earth Pier Head (L3) Heaven & Earth Andy Plant 2011
King George V and Queen Mary Queensway Tunnel (L1) King George V and Queen Mary W. Goscombe John 1939
Sir Archibald T. Salvidge Queensway Tunnel (L1) Sir Archibald T. Salvidge Edward Carter Preston 1951
David Lewis Ranelagh Street (L1) David Lewis artist unknown 2010
The Spirit of Liverpool Ranelagh Street (L1)  The Spirit of Liverpool Rick Myers 2015
Childhood Scenes Ranelagh Street / Lime Street (L1) Childhood Scenes Jacob Epstein 1955
Liverpool Resurgent Ranelagh Street / Lime Street (L1) Liverpool Resurgent Jacob Epstein 1956
William Rathbone V Sefton Park (L17) William Rathbone V artist unknown 1887
Palm House Statues Sefton Park (L17) Palm House Statues Léon-Joseph Chavalliaud ca. 1898
Peter Pan Sefton Park, Palm House grounds (L17) Peter Pan sir George Frampton 1928
William Earle St George's Place (L1) William Earle Charles Bell Birch 1887
Prince Albert St George's Place (L1) Prince Albert Hamo Thornycroft 1866
The Progress of Justice St George's Place (L1) The Progress of Justice Thomas Stirling Lee 1882-94
National Prosperity St George's Place (L1) National Prosperity Various sculptors 1898-1901
Liverpool Cenotaph St George's Place (L1) Liverpool Cenotaph Herbert Tyson Smith & Lional Bailey Budden 1930
Benjamin Disraeli St George's Place (L1) Benjamin Disraeli Charles Bell Birch 1883
Queen Victoria St George's Place (L1) Queen Victoria Hamo Thornycroft 1870
RMS Titanic Liner Urban Memorial St James Place / Mill Street (L8) RMS Titanic Liner Urban Memorial Alan Murray 2012
Thomas Major Lester St John's Gardens (L1) Thomas Major Lester sir George Frampton 1907
Alexander Balfour St John's Gardens (L1) Alexander Balfour Albert Bruce-Joy 1889
William Ewart Gladstone St John's Gardens (L1) William Ewart Gladstone Thomas Brock 1904
The King's Liverpool Regiment Monument St John's Gardens (L1) The King's Liverpool Regiment Monument W. Goscombe John 1905
James Nugent St John's Gardens (L1) James Nugent Frederick W. Pomeroy 1906
Sir Arthur Bower Forwood St John's Gardens (L1) Sir Arthur Bower Forwood sir George Frampton 1903
William Rathbone VI St John's Gardens (L1) William Rathbone VI sir George Frampton 1901
RoadPeace Monument St John's Gardens (L1) RoadPeace Monument Tom Murphy 2005
Angel Vaults Heads Stanhope Street 27-29 (L8) Angel Vaults Heads artist unknown mid-19th century
Eleanor Rigby Stanley Street (L1) Eleanor Rigby Tommy Steele 1982
John Pearson Tithebarn Street (L3) John Pearson Francis John Williamson 1890
Post Office Workers memorial Victoria Street (L1)  Post Office Workers memorial Herbert Tyson Smith 1924

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