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North West England (Great Britain)


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Photo Addres Name Artist Year
Europe and America Lime Street (L1) Europe and America Farmer & Brindley 1871
Chance Meeting Lime Street (L1) Chance Meeting Tom Murphy 2009
Duke of Wellington Column Lime Street / William Brown Street (L3) Duke of Wellington Column George Anderson Lawson 1863
The Great Escape Liver Street / Wapping (L1) The Great Escape Edward Cronshaw 2000
John Hulley Mariner's Wharf (L3) John Hulley Tom Murphy 2019
John Lennon Mathew Street (L2) John Lennon David Webster 1996
Beatle Street Mathew Street (L2) Beatle Street Arthur Dooley 1974
Cilla Black Mathew Street (L2) Cilla Black Andy Edwards & Emma Rodgers 2017
Piano Bench Mathew Street (L2) Piano Bench artist unknown 1997
Carl Jung Mathew Street 18 (L2) Carl Jung Jonathon Drabkin 1993
The Beatles (1984 by David Hughes) Mathew Street 31 (L2) The Beatles (1984 by David Hughes) David Hughes 1984
Inspiration Myrtle Street (L7) Inspiration Tony Evans 2008
Christ Healing Myrtle Street 3 (L7) Christ Healing artist unknown 1879
Saint Luke Myrtle Street 5 (L7) Saint Luke Norbury Upton & Paterson 1880
The Beatles (2007 by David Webster) North John Street (L2) The Beatles (2007 by David Webster) David Webster 2007
Benefits of Insurance North John Street 1 / Dale Street (L2) Benefits of Insurance Charles J. Allen 1903
Liverpool Blitz Memorial Old Churchyard (L2) Liverpool Blitz Memorial Tom Murphy 2000
Homeless Jesus Old Churchyard (L2) Homeless Jesus Timothy P. Schmalz 2014
Pieta Old Churchyard (L2) Pieta artist unknown year?
MV Derbyshire Memorial Old Churchyard (L2) MV Derbyshire Memorial Tony Evans 2018
Hillsborough Stadium Disaster Monument Old Haymarket (L1) Hillsborough Stadium Disaster Monument Tom Murphy 2013
Liver bird Paradise Street (L1) Liver bird artist unknown 2010
Memorial to Heroes of the Marine Engine Room Pier Head (L3) Memorial to Heroes of the Marine Engine Room W. Goscombe John 1916
Alfred Lewis Jones Memorial Pier Head (L3) Alfred Lewis Jones Memorial sir George Frampton 1913
King Edward VII Pier Head (L3) King Edward VII W. Goscombe John 1916
The Beatles (2015 by Andy Edwards) Pier Head (L3) The Beatles (2015 by Andy Edwards) Andy Edwards 2015
Naval Memorial Pier Head (L3) Naval Memorial Herbert Tyson Smith 1952
Captain F.J. Walker Pier Head (L3) Captain F.J. Walker Tom Murphy 1998
Merchant Navy Memorial Pier Head (L3) Merchant Navy Memorial John Shimmin 1998
HMT Lancastria Memorial Pier Head (L3) HMT Lancastria Memorial artist unknown 2013

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