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North West England (Great Britain)


Photo Addres Name Artist Year
Simpson Fountain Chapel Street / George's Docks Gates Simpson Fountain Joseph Rogerson 1885
Personages connected with the history of America Chapel Street 5 Personages connected with the history of America 1859
Nelson Monument Exchange Flags Nelson Monument Richard Westmacott & Matthew Cotes Wyatt 1813
Exchange Newsroom War Memorial Exchange Flags Exchange Newsroom War Memorial Walter Gilbert 1924
Palm House Statues Sefton Park Palm House Statues Léon-Joseph Chavalliaud ca. 1898
William Rathbone V Sefton Park William Rathbone V artist unknown 1887
Peter Pan Sefton Park, Palm House grounds Peter Pan sir George Frampton 1928
John Pearson Tithebarn Street John Pearson Francis John Williamson 1890