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This website contains photos and short descriptions of statues and sculptures of people, animals, plants and objects all over the world.
Last update: 7 June 2024

Maharajah Duleep Singh (Thetford, Great Britain) King George II (Saint Helier, Jersey) Sėjėjas (Kaunas, Lithuania) Madre Teresa da Anunciada (Ponta Delgada, Azores) David (Firenze, Italy)

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Why this website?

For the Netherlands we have a website Mens & Dier in Steen & Brons (People and Animals in Stone and Bronze). We have the intention to make that site as complete as possible. Our basis is a research in literature and internet for sculptures, and with that information we travel around the Netherlands and make photos of every relevant sculpture we see.

We are so used to make photos of sculptures, that we 'have to do' the same during our trips in other countries, and so we made this website Statues Hither & Thither. The main difference with the Dutch site is however that there is no systematic research and we have absolutely no intention to be complete. If we go to a region, we do some research which sculptures there are.

The indexes for places, sculptors, subjects and producers are for both sites, but the pages for the Dutch site are in Dutch, the rest is in English. Enjoy!


With 24367 items on this site it is possible to make some observations about the characteristics in the different countries. We photograph all three-dimensional sculptures and reliefs showing human beings or animals. We can roughly categorize these sculptures in four groups:

  1. Commemorative: depicting famous people or events, there are three sub-categories:
    1. famous people in the form of equestrian statues, statues, busts or relief portraits on plaques.
    2. war memorials, often with soldiers or allegorical figures.
    3. events, usually in the form of reliefs
  2. Religious: Statues of saints.
  3. Folkloristic: illustrating old local occupations, customs, myths, fairy tales, legends, etc.
  4. Decorative:, depicting just human beings or animals without any other meaning that just being beautiful.
In the Netherlands all categories are found, although the 1st category is the smallest. Saint's statues are found only in the Roman-Catholic regions. Folkloristic and decoratieve sculptures are simple and small, usually one figure, sometimes two and very seldom three or more.