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artist unknown

Unknown artist. Do you know who the sculptor is? please let us know.


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Photo Year Name Address Place
Lobster date? Lobster Promenade
Filey (Great Britain)
Kriegerdenkmal 1939-45 date? Kriegerdenkmal 1939-45
(War Memorial 1939-45)
Harener Straße / Brückenstraße
Fehndorf (Germany)
Sankt Franziskus date? Sankt Franziskus
(Saint Francis of Assisi)
Franziskusstraße 6
Schöninghsdorf (Germany)
Engel mit Posaune date? Engel mit Posaune
(Angel with Trumpet)
Franziskusstraße 6
Schöninghsdorf (Germany)
Buur en Veehkoopmann date? Buur en Veehkoopmann
(Farmer and Cattle Merchant)
Rathausstraße 4
Emlichheim (Germany)
Hermes date?/(2008) Hermes Am Baumwall
Hamburg (Germany)
Justice early 19th century Justice Place Saint-André 4
Grenoble (France)
The Soul's Awakening early 20th century The Soul's Awakening Churchyard
St Margaret's at Cliffe (Great Britain)
Medaglioni ritratto di illustri italiani early 20th century Medaglioni ritratto di illustri italiani
(Portrait medaillons of famous Italians)
Piazza della Costituente 32-34
Mirandola (Italy)
Saint Mary of Lourdes early 20th century Saint Mary of Lourdes Manor Court
Otley (Great Britain)
Onbekende heilige jaar? Onbekende heilige Zuid-Oostwal 1
Gennep (The Netherlands)
Hausmadonna modern copy Hausmadonna
(House Madonna)
Markt 1
Mainz (Germany)
Boys' Brigade fountain Reinaugurated 1987 Boys' Brigade fountain Victoria Park, Brynmill
Swansea - Abertawe (Great Britain)
Ballena de buceo (?) year? Ballena de buceo (?)
(Diving Whale (?))
Avenida de las Playas
Puerto del Carmen (Spain)
Geschichtsbrunnen year? Geschichtsbrunnen
(History Fountain)
Wipperfürth (Germany)
"Percy" year? "Percy" New King Street
Bath (Great Britain)

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