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Yves Hernot (Ier)

Yves Hernot (Ier) (Plouaret 1829 - Lannion 1890), sculptor of Bretagne, son of the sculptor Jean Hernot and father or Yves II Hernot. The Hernot family is know for the many calvaries and other religious statues in Bretagne (WikipediaWebsite).


Photo Year Name Address Place
Le Calvaire du cimetière 1852 Le Calvaire du cimetière
(The Calvary on the cemetery)
Place N.D. Coat Colvézou
Tréguier (France)
Calvaire 1864 Calvaire
Rue de la Croix
Plérin (France)
Calvaire 19th century Calvaire
Saint-Hervé (France)
Charles Riou c. 1830 Charles Riou Place N.D. Coat Colvézou
Tréguier (France)

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