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sir George Frampton

Sir George James Frampton, RA (London 1860-1928), British sculptor (Wikipedia).


Photo Year Name Address Place
Statues on the Tower of the University Church 13th century (copies) Statues on the Tower of the University Church High Street
Oxford (Great Britain)
Sculptures at Bath Abbey Church 16th century and c. 1900 Sculptures at Bath Abbey Church Abbey Churchyard
Bath (Great Britain)
Henry Fawcett 1886 Henry Fawcett Victoria Embankment Gardens (WC2)
London (Great Britain)
Robert Johnson 1898 Robert Johnson High Street West
Uppingham (Great Britain)
Walter Besant 1902 Walter Besant Victoria Embankment (WC2)
London (Great Britain)
Queen Victoria 1905 Queen Victoria Woodhouse Lane
Leeds (Great Britain)
Peter Pan 1912 Peter Pan Kensington Gardens (W2)
London (Great Britain)
Alfred East 1913 Alfred East Sheep Street
Kettering (Great Britain)
William S. Gilbert 1915 William S. Gilbert Victoria Embankment (WC2)
London (Great Britain)
Edith Cavell 1920 Edith Cavell St Martin's Place (WC2)
London (Great Britain)
William Thomas Stead 1920 (1913) William Thomas Stead Victoria Embankment (WC2)
London (Great Britain)
Peter Pan 1928 Peter Pan Sefton Park, Palm House grounds
Liverpool (Great Britain)

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