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Gutzon Borglum

John Gutzon de la Mothe Borglum (St. Charles, Idaho, 1867 - Chicago, Illinois 1941), American sculptor, famous for creating the monumental presidents' heads at Mount Rushmore and the famous carving on Stone Mountain near Atlanta; father of Lincoln Borglum (Wikipedia).


Photo Year Name Address Place
Statues outside Borglum Historical Center 1908-25 Statues outside Borglum Historical Center Iron Mountain Road / Roy Street
Keystone (United States)
Statues outside Rushmore-Borglum Story 1911 & 1926 Statues outside Rushmore-Borglum Story Winter Street 342
Keystone (United States)
Mount Rushmore National Memorial 1927-41 Mount Rushmore National Memorial SD Highway 244
Keystone (United States)

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