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Memorial Circle

Pfluger Fountain

artist unknown

Lubbock /  Pfluger Fountain   Lubbock /  Pfluger Fountain


Circular fountain with at the inner side of the wall four plaques, including the dedication and three relief portraits with curriculum vitae of:


Pfluger Fountain at Memorial Circle
Funded through the Generosity
Of the Pfluger Family
A. Lee Pfluger
Bill & Karen Pfluger
Craig B. Pfluger
R. Clark Pfluger
Robert & Susan Pfluger
Walter L. Pfluger

August Lee Pfluger

August Lee Pfluger was a self-made man, committed
to this family and to the vision of developing the City
of Eden, Texas into an important ecomomic center for
Concho County in rural West Texas. An entrepeneur
from the onset, his business interests spanned the
real of cattle, sheep and goat ranching, cotton
farming and a successful auto dealership, while
taking time to serve his community as a county
commissioner. In the early 1900's when a college
degree was considered unnecessary, with the
insistence of his wife, Erna, Lee worked harder than
most to provide a college education for his three
children - two earning degrees from Texas
Technological College and one graduating from Texas
A&M. This knowledge, input, and sound business
sense guided the future of Texas Technogolical
College where he served on the Board of Directors
from 1944-1945.

Raymond William Pfluger

Raymond Pfluger's relationship with Texas Tech began
in 1927 when he left his home in Eden, Texas to enroll
in Texas Technological College as a sixteen-year-old
freshman. He was active in student affairs and served
as captain of the tennis team. Upon graduation in 1931,
he returned to his boyhood home to manage the
family's farming and ranching interests. For the rest of
his life, his bond with the land and his affection for
Texas Tech would never waiver.
He proudly served his alma mater as a member of the
Texas Tech Board of Directors (1949-1955), and later
as a member of the Texas Tech Foundation Board
(1955-1985). He was involved in the Texas Tech Dad's
Association, and served as its president from 1958-
1959. The numerous hours of service with the Red
Raider Club's Board of Directors provided him the
opportunity for involvement in his lifelong passion and
his favorite calling .... that of a "Red Raider Fan".
Four children, three nephews and two grandchildren
have followed his path to Lubbock and to Texas Tech
University. Though he is no longer with us, his love for
Texas Tech still burns brightly.

Robert Lee Pfluger

Robert Pfluger graduated with honors from Texas
Technological College in 1951. Continuing the family
tradition, he began his ranching career in West
Central Texas. Throughout the years, he has
maintained a high level of excellence in his
production of cattle, sheep and goats. He has served
as President of the Mohair Council of America and
the Texas Sheep and Goat Raiser's Association. He
represented the agricultural community as a director
of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Following his
grandfather, Lee, and his uncle, Raymond, Robert
became a third generation family member serving on
Texas Tech University's Board of Regents (1975-
1981). He served as Chairman of the Board from 1978
to 1980. In 1986, he was named a Distinguished
Alumnus by the College of Agricultural Sciences and
a Distinguished Alumnus by the University in 1987. In
all his endeavors, Robert stands for a job well done.


The Pflugers of San Angelo are a family of ranchers. August Lee Pfluger, 19 years old, came to Concho County with 72 head of cattle and about $100 in his pocket. From that foundation, he built 40,000 acres of ranch and farm land; 11,000 head of sheep, 8,000 head of Angora goats and 1,100 head of Hereford cattle. His three sons Walter Lee, Raymond and Carl, inherited about 65,000 acres. The brothers ranched together until the 1950s, when drought forced them to divide everything and go independent. Robert Lee is Walter's son.



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