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City Park

Elizabeth Allen Sopris Memorial

also called the Sopris Sundial, Fiddle's Sundial or Sopris Fountain
artist unknown

Denver /  Elizabeth Allen Sopris Memorial   Denver /  Elizabeth Allen Sopris Memorial


Granite bench with in the center a column with a bronze figure of a child, standing over a sundial. The figure's body is slightly bent forward at the waist. His arms are stretched forward at a 30 degree angle from his body. He is looking down towards his hands, which originally held the gnomon rod, now missing. In earlier years, there were drinking fountains on the end of the piece, but those have long been removed. The memorial originally included a pool as well, but the pool has been filled in with mosaic.

Information Sign

a gift to denver
in memory of
a pioneer of 1860
erected a.d. 1925


?The Elizabeth Allen Sopris Memorial was donated by Simpson T. Sopris in honor of his mother, Elizabeth Allen Sopris (Trenton, N. J., 1815 - Denver 1911), who was the wife of Mayor Richard Sopris (1813-1893). City Park was Denver's first park, created by Mayor Richard Sopris in the 1870s to be the east side's counterpart to Sloan's Lake.


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