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Santa Bárbara
(Angra do Heroísmo)
Terceira (ilha)

Reg. Aut. dos Açores

Estrada Regional 1-1A
(Praceta Bastião Roiz)

Bastião Roiz (Sebastião Rodriguez)

Sixteenth century sculptor from Santa Bárbara. Some of his sculptures are in the local church

Azulart (Cinco Ribeiras)

Santa Bárbara /  Bastião Roiz (Sebastião Rodriguez)   Santa Bárbara /  Bastião Roiz (Sebastião Rodriguez)


Tile tableau (azulejo) with depiction of a statue (signed CM) and biography, serving as street sign for a small square.


Praceta Bastião Roiz (Sebastião Rodriguez)
Escultor de arte sacra, natural desta
freguesia de Santa Bárbara. Toda a sua
obra e a sua vida datam da primeira
metade do século XVI. Atualmente
encontram-se inventariadas cerca de
trinta escultura a ele atribuídas
[under the sculpture]:
Escultura da primeira
Metade de século XVI
Bastião Rodriguez

Bastião Roiz (Sebastião Rodriguez) Place
Sacred art sculptor, natural of this
parish of Santa Barbara. All his
work and his life date from the first
half of the sixteenth century. Currently
there are known around
thirty sculptures attributed to him
[under the sculpture]:
Sculpture of the first
half of the 16th century
Bastião Rodriguez


cinco ribeiras | terceira

Santa Bárbara - Bastião Roiz (Sebastião Rodriguez)


Locatie (N 38°41'45" - W 27°20'17")

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Item Code: ptac148; Photograph: 30 June 2016
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