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Rue Notre-Dame
(Cathédrale Notre-Dame)

Cathédrale: Portail du nord

North Portal


Luxembourg /  Cathédrale: Portail du nord   Luxembourg /  Cathédrale: Portail du nord


The north portal of the Cathredal shows six statues of saints:
  1. (in a niche above the door) La Vierge à l'enfant - St. Mary with child, St. Mary is crowned and holds a cross staff, the child has an orb.
  2. (top of the portal) St. Nicolas - St. Nicholas - (4th century), Bishop of Myra (Wikipedia).
  3. (top left) St. Pierre - St. Peter - (possibly died AD 67), apostle, featured prominently in the New Testament and the Acts of the Apostles. Patron saint of locksmiths and confessors. Usually depicted holding the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven in his hand. Peter is the first Pope (Wikipedia)
  4. (top right) St. Paul - the Apostle, (c. 5 - c. 67 ), persecuted the early followers of Jesus before switching sides and seeking to join them. He was instrumental in creating the Christian Church. He is the protector of tent-makers, theologians and the ecclesiastical press and is depicted with a sword. (Wikipedia).
    In niches next to the door are statues of
  5. (left) St. Ignace de Loyola - St. Ignatius of Loyola - B.P. / Ignativs / Fvndator / Societatis / Iesv.
    (1491-1556), Spanish knight from a Basque noble family, hermit, priest since 1537, and theologian, founded the Society of Jesus and was its first Superior General (Wikipedia).
  6. (right) St. François Xavier - St. Francis Xavier - B.P. / Franciscus / Xaverius / Societatis / Iesv.
    (Javier, Navarra 1506 - São João Island, China, 1552), pioneering Roman Catholic missionary, co-founder of the Society of Jesus (Wikipedia).

St. Nicolas - St. Nicholas
St. Pierre - St. Peter
St. Paul
St. Ignace de Loyola - St. Ignatius of Loyola
St. François Xavier - St. Francis Xavier

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Location (N 49°36'35" - E 6°7'53")

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Item Code: lu011; Photograph: 16 June 2011
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