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Modena (prov.)


Largo Giuseppe Garibaldi

Fontana dei due fiumi modenesi

Fountain of the Two Rivers of Modena

Giuseppe Graziosi
Fonderia Biagiotti (Firenze)

Modena /  Fontana dei due fiumi modenesi   Modena /  Fontana dei due fiumi modenesi


Fountain with two monumental bronzes representing the Panaro and Secchia, the two main rivers Modena.

The Panaro, facing east, is depicted as a vigorous young man who pours water from a jar while holding with his right hand a branch of the tree, likely allusions to the frequent floods of the river. The model for the figure of Panaro was the athlete Suffritti. The Secchia is idepicted as a young woman, holding on her shoulders a bundle of ears from which water spouts, alluding to the fertility brought by the river. She has her foot on a toad, an allusion the arrival of the river water in the plain.

Modena - Fontana dei due fiumi modenesi
Modena - Fontana dei due fiumi modenesi


(both bronzes) G. Graziosa
Fonderia Siro Biagotti firenze


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Locatie (N 44°38'37" - E 10°55'56")

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Item Code: iter164; Photograph: 14 May 2017
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