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Modena (prov.)


Piazza Grande
(Porta regia - Cattedrale metropolitana di Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo e San Geminiano)

San Geminiano

Saint Geminianus

Cognento c. 312 - Modena 397
Deacon, and later Bishop of Modena
Agostino di Duccio & Geminiano Paruoli

Modena /  San Geminiano   Modena /  San Geminiano


In the loggia above the Porta Regia of the Cathedral is a bronze statue of San Geminiano (copy).

To the right of the Porta Regio, on the transept, is a relief of the Life of San Geminiano, the earliest known work of a Renaissance Florentine sculptor, Agostino di Duccio (1442)

Modena - San Geminiano


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Locatie (N 44°38'46" - E 10°55'31")

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Item Code: iter146; Photograph: 14 May 2017
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