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Monument commémoratif de Jeanne d'Arc

Memorial of Joan of Arc

Saint Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc), The Maid of Orléans (ca. 1412 - 1431)
national heroine of France, beatified in 1909 and canonized in 1920. She led the French army to several important victories during the Hundred Years' War
Louis-Ernest Barrias

Bonsecours /  Monument commémoratif de Jeanne d'Arc   Bonsecours /  Monument commémoratif de Jeanne d'Arc


The Memorial of Joan of Arc is executed in an early Renaissance style and stands in front of the Basilica de Bonsecours on granite terrace overlooking the Seine valley. The central shrine is made of pillars supporting a cupola and a bell tower of lead and gilt copper (made by Ferdinand Marrou). The dome is topped by a lantern with on top St. Michael slaying the Dragon in gilded bronze, made by Thomas. Under the dome, are the coats of arms (according to Lisch the names) of the major cities and regions that have marked the life of Joan of Arc: Lorraine, Normandie, Domrémy, Orléans, Reims, and Rouen. On the six pillars are putti with coat of arms. In the center of the shrine is the statue of Joan of Arc (the present statue is a copy, the original is safe in the Basilica) by the sculptor Louis Ernest Barrier. On the socle of the statue is the text: vive labeur (eroneously considered as the motto of Joan of Arc).

The two side pavilions house the the statues of Saint Margaret (by Édouard Pépin - south) and Saint Catherine (by Robert Verlet) (north). The balustrade of the terrace accommodates four sheep (sculpted by Georges Gardet) who seem to take care of their shepherd.

St. Michael (by Thomas)

Saint Catherine (by Robert Verlet)

Saint Margaret (by Édouard Pépin)

sheep (by Georges Gardet)


JOANNE Aurelianensi PUELLOE Galliarum Servatrici
Impus manibus Rothomagi combustoe
Hanc Ędiculam nefandi facinorus piacularem
In gratissimoe venerationis pignus
Operi et Christi fidelium donis in hac Aquilarum colle erestam
Amplissima Pontificum et Procerum corona circumdatus
Playdente innumera plebe solemni ritu dedicavit
Pridie Kalendas Julii anni MDCCCXCII
Ipse Operis Promotor H. ac R.R.Lto Carolus Benedictus THOMAS
Archiepiscopus Rothomagensis

Jeanne d'Arc - Timeline


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  • Country: France
  • Barrias, Louis-Ernest
  • Catherine of Alexandria, St.
  • Coat of arms
  • Jeanne d`Arc, St.
  • Margaret the Virgin, St.
  • Michael, St.
  • Sheep
  • Statue (woman)
  • Locatie (N 49°25'17" - E 1°7'16")

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