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Rue Saint-Guirrec
(Parc des Sculptures Christian Gad et Daniel Chhe)

Madame et son chien

Mistress and her Dog

Joseph Visy

Ploumanac'h /  Madame et son chien   Ploumanac'h /  Madame et son chien


Sculptor of a woman and a dog, assembled from pink granite of La Clarté, gray-blue granite of Ile Grande and black gabbro from Sainte-Anne at Trégastel.


The Parc des Sculptures Christian Gad et Daniel Chhe includes 19 granite statues sculpted by various artists, as "L'homme de Granit" and "Nu primitif" by Pierre Székely, "Passage" by Jean-Yves Ménez, and "Madame et son chien" by Joseph Visy, the only statue we photographed separately.

Ploumanac'h - Madame et son chien
Christian Gad and Daniel Chhe were owners of the nearby granite quarry of La Clarté and both died by accidents in the quarry, Christian c. 1992 and his half-brother Daniel in 2007. The sculpture park was originally named after Christian Gad, after Daniel's death in 2007 his name was added.



Location (N 48°49'29" - W 3°28'48")

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Item Code: frbr022; Photograph: 27 May 2012
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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