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Jihočeský kraj

(Svĕt dam)

Josef Šusta

(Jankov 1835 - Praha 1914)
Czech fishpond builder
Václav Suchomel

Třeboň /  Josef Šusta   Třeboň /  Josef Šusta


Large rock with a portrait medallion and a plaque with text and a fish.


Třeboň - Josef Šusta památce
Josefa Šusty
nestora rybářství
In commemoration of
Josef Šusta
Nestor of Fishery


(portrait) V. Suchomel
(text plaque) J.V.D.


Josef Šusta contributed remarkably to the development of fishponds and fishery cultivation in central Europe in the second half of teh 19th century. He developmed a system of management measures aimed at increasing the production of fishponds through the application of fertilisers and a regime of water management which is the basis for the semi natural production of fish in the Třeboň region up to the present day. Šusta also introduced the application of additional food for fish and new species of fish, powan (Coregonus laveretus).. By his contribution to the development of fishery production, Šusta stands alongside the other great pisciculturists of the Třeboň region - Josef Štěpánek Netolický, Jakub Krčín and Mikuláš Ruthard (their monument is nearby).
(Source: information panel).

P.S. During our short stop in Třeboň it was raining very heavy. The photos are therefore not as good as usual.



Locatie (N 49°0'4" - E 14°46'15")

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Item Code: czjc002; Photograph: 12 September 2012
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