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Fonderia d`Arte del Chiaro

Fonderia d'Arte del Massimo de Chiaro, Pietrasanta, Italy.  

Foto Jaar Naam Adres Plaats
Christopher Columbus 1987 Christopher Columbus Port Everglades, Marinelli Gardens
Fort Lauderdale (United States of America)
The Assumption of Mary 1995 The Assumption of Mary Colfax Avenue
Denver (United States of America)
Victor Abens 1998 Victor Abens Grand-Rue - Place Vic. Abens
Vianden (Luxembourg)
Columbus the Evangelizer 2000 Columbus the Evangelizer State Street 1
New Haven (United States of America)
Den lyckliga Arbogafilosofen 2005 Den lyckliga Arbogafilosofen
(The Lucky Philosopher from Arboga)
Arboga (Sweden)
Arlecchino 2011 Arlecchino
Piazza Giosuè Carducci
Pietrasanta (Italy)